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​​​​​​​​​Duck Pond Equity is the newly created private equity arm of a family office located in lower Manhattan. Principals include a fourth generation family​ member and a managing member of a lower middle market private equity firm located in midtown. The principals, among other experience, have completed over 30 acquisitions in U.S. based lower middle market companies. Portfolio companies have spanned the following industries: precision machining and manufacturing in the defense, homeland security, medical device, and transportation. Duck Pond Equity is seeking to build a portfolio of wholly owned investments in diverse industries.

We seek mainly lower middle markets companies, focusing on an enterprise value under $25,000,000. Our goal is for our principals and close associates to become very intimate with an acquired target, ultimately running the business daily. This approach gives us a unique advantage by allowing us to focus on our portfolio companies for maximum benefit. This also lets us truly become involved with and gain knowledge from previous owners, working with them closely to ensure proper succession, quick transactions, and the comfort of knowing the businesses is in capable hands. We generally do not discriminate by industry and favor retirement and turnaround/distressed situations with broad customer reach and breadth. We are, however, very geographically focused, concentrating on companies with offices headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Southeast US regions. Once again, this is largely a factor of our desire to work closely with our acquired targets.

Overall, we are flexible as to structure, and have the ability to reach a decision and close a transaction quickly. Being a family office allows us to be nimble, systematic, and detailed in our decision making process; not being tied to the bureaucratic red tape of larger firms. We are a smaller, personal group, which we believe plays to our strength when looking at our focus group of lower market companies​​.​​​

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